Senators Secretly Crafting Bill to Cut Eldercare


Following widespread protests at congressional town hall meetings over the American Health Care Act – the House bill that would repeal key ACA provisions, end Medicaid as an entitlement, and leave 23 million uninsured – Senate leaders are crafting a similar health care bill in secrecy, with no committee hearings, debate, or public input from stakeholders.   Only 10-12 Republican senators are writing the far-reaching health care legislation, which  would make savage cuts to Medicaid and deprive millions of people, including the sick, elderly and disabled, of access to needed, and in some cases life-saving, medical care.  Medicaid, which is based on financial need, covers the majority of long-term care services utilized by the elderly and disabled, including millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s goal is to have the full Senate vote on the bill before the July 4th recess, before other senators, the Congressional Budget Office, and the public have reviewed the sweeping legislation, and before its devastating impact on the American people can be analyzed and debated in a public forum.  If you are concerned about protecting health care coverage and access to long-term care for you, your parents, or your grandparents, please call your two U.S. senators at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vote against the Senate version of the AHCA or any bill that would cut health care benefits for the elderly and disabled.